February 2023, Down by the Sea Engines, Les Iles Mardi, Brussels, BE
September 2022, solo show, Friends from Tomorrow, Ada Ventura, BE
September 2022, Rodolphe and the Humans, Windows, Brussels, BE
June 2022, Collectionneur collectionné, espaceprivé1050, BE
June 2022, Grasshopper, Moonens Foundation, BE
April 2022, Tender Wires, Ada Ventura, BE
October 2021, Skinshores, private space, BE
October 2021, Se désertifier, Ada Ventura, BE
April 2021, Travail Silencieux, private space, BE
June 2019, From me my shadow, Moonens Foundation, BE
April 2019, Purl Stitch, private space, cdlt gallery, BE
March 2019, Prix Médiatine Wolubilis, BE
February 2019, Ancolie, Moonens Foundation, BE
June 2018 Graduation show, Espace Vanderborght, BE
January 2018 Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, UK
November 2017, Violet haze, London, UK
May 2017 Blow up, Jewish Museum of Belgium, BE
April 2017 NU with the courtesy of Frédéric de Goldschmidt, BE
April 2016, group show at Friche, Pias buildings, BE

Florence Laprat b.1992 is french and italian painter. She lives and works between Brussels and Paris. Central to her approach is a deep dive into emotions, conveyed through the versatile mediums of oil on canvas, paper, and collage.

Her work deliberately sidesteps traditional representation and imagery, focusing instead on encapsulating memories of emotions and the visceral sensations that define our humanity.

The canvases, brought to life with the richness of oil, alongside the tactile charm of paper, serve as vessels for Laprat's narrative. Collages hold a special place in her process, acting as experimental grounds where she manipulates materials to shape her concepts. These preparatory collages on paper lay the foundation for her larger works on canvas, infusing them with a sense of curiosity and exploration.

Through her paintings, Laprat invites viewers to engage with their own emotional responses. With an absence of explicit imagery, each brushstroke and collage fragment becomes an open-ended prompt, allowing observers to draw from their personal experiences. This interaction underscores the idea that the power of art extends beyond the visual, resonating on a profound emotional level.

Florence Laprat's subjects repertoire encompasses a diverse array of subjects, with a predominant focus on the exploration of blurred feminine forms and the fluidity of body movement. Through her distinct lens, she captures the delicate interplay between figures and motion, using her signature techniques to evoke a sense of livelyness. Florence Laprat frequently explores subjects presented in couples or trios within her artwork, utilizing these interpersonal dynamics to convey intricate relationships. Through her work, she weaves a psychological dimension into her paintings, delving into the unspoken emotions that exist between individuals. Her focus extends beyond mere figuration; she strives to encapsulate the very essence of human connections. It's this invisible, intangible thread that binds people together that truly captivates her artistic sensibilities.

Florence Laprat's artistic process is characterized by a playful yet intentional interplay of elements. She deftly combines raw and highly soluble painting techniques with the incorporation of substantial materials, creating a contrast that adds depth to her work. This approach, akin to a painterly dance, allows her to capture the essence of emotions with a dynamic flair. Laprat's utilization of the collage approach is a conscious departure from realistic representation, inviting viewers to engage with their own interpretations.

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