June 2022, Collectionneur collectionné, espaceprivé1050, BE
June 2022, Grasshopper, Moonens Foundation, BE
April 2022, Tender Wires, Ada Ventura, BE
October 2021, Skinshores, private space, BE
October 2021, Se désertifier, Ada Ventura, BE
April 2021, Travail Silencieux, private space, BE
June 2019, From me my shadow, Moonens Foundation, BE
April 2019, Purl Stitch, private space, cdlt gallery, BE
March 2019, Prix Médiatine Wolubilis, BE
February 2019, Ancolie, Moonens Foundation, BE
June 2018 Graduation show, Espace Vanderborght, BE
January 2018 Tate Exchange, Tate Modern, London, UK
November 2017, Violet haze, London, UK
May 2017 Blow up, Jewish Museum of Belgium, BE
April 2017 NU with the courtesy of Frédéric de Goldschmidt, BE
April 2016, group show at Friche, Pias buildings, BE

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